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Maps and Geospatial Information: Home

This is the guide to the Library's Map Collection, and information regarding Geospatial Information.


Black Lives Matter & the Legacy of Systemic Racism

Join us on Wednesday, November 18 at 7pm for a presentation "Race-based real estate developments in Jefferson County, Colorado".

Live Zoom-based online talk.
Subdivisions in Jefferson County, Colorado developed from the late 1910s to the early 1950s, often had covenants that included race-based exclusionary language. The covenants were rules that government who and who could not own the houses. The covenants were legal documents (now voided) that were approved by Jefferson County government officials. An example of this language is: “No persons of any race other than the Caucasian race shall use or occupy any building or any lot.”


Jeffco racism talk announcement
 Mapping systemic racism in Jefferson County, Colorado


#1                  #2                                           

  1. Map of Black Lives Matter protests
  2. Map of public symbols of the Confederacy


Coronavirus COVID-19 maps & visuals


#1 Coronavirus COVID-19 story map I   #2  Coronavirus COVID-19 story map II     #3  Coronavirus COVID-19 graphic explanation    #4    #5 COVID-19 chart


  1. A story map created by Johns Hopkins University & updated several times a day.
  2. A story map created by Esri and updated daily.
  3. A graphic created by the South China Morning Post which explains how the disease is being treated.
  4. Esri GIS Hub of COVID-19 related sites. 
  5. COVID-19 in the U.S. and Canada. 

Images of Denver International Airport (DIA) from March 7 and March 24, 2020.


Air photo tutorial 2.0

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What's this all about

This guide will introduce you to library resources regarding maps, and geospatial information, including GIS data.

Use the tabs above to navigate through the following pages of the guide:

  • Topographic maps -- resources for topographic maps (paper, scanned, digital)
  • Geologic maps -- resources for geologic maps (paper, scanned, digital)
  • Mining maps -- resources for mining maps (paper, scanned, digital)
  • Aerial photographs -- resources for aerial photographs (paper, scanned, digital)
  • Scanned maps -- links to important scanned map collections
  • Buy maps -- where to buy maps locally and online
  • Map organizations -- links to important map organizations, and map libraries throughout the world
  • GIS data -- digital data that maybe used in a Geographic Information Service (GIS)
  • Maps by U.S. government agencies -- links to a variety of websites that contain maps, and mapping data produced by various federal agencies
  • Map tools for librarians -- information about tools for librarians developed at the Arthur Lakes Library, and links to tools useful to other librarians
  • About the Map Collection -- fun facts about the Map Collection

Map & GIS Librarian and Academic Outreach Coordinator