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Maps and Geospatial Information: Map tools for librarians

This is the guide to the Library's Map Collection, and information regarding Geospatial Information.

How to Create Indexes to Paper Map Sets Using GIS

 Clearinghouse of GIS-made indexes to paper map sets


NOTE ON THESE FILES: This file was developed for the Colorado School of Mines Library. You do NOT have to follow the styles used (color, font, file names, etc.).  Please use these as guides, not as absolute rules.
Using to create a discovery interface for map sets -- Instructions of how to create a web site through

Useful Links:

  • Bounding Box Tool for Metadata Enrichment -- free website that allows you to draw a box using the corner latitude / longitude coordinates, and translates the box into MARC 034 & 255 fields.
  • DIVA-GIS -- GIS files of outline maps of countries--includes province boundaries, water courses.

Useful websites for librarians