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Maps and Geospatial Information

This is the guide to the Library's Map Collection, and information regarding Geospatial Information.

GIS data

The Colorado School of Mines has a site license for Esri products including ArcPRO and ArcMap for desktop.  This software may be accessed from any campus lab computer.
QGIS is an open-sourced GIS that is free to download.  It is a robust package.

Colorado Data:

U.S. Data:

Worldwide GIS links:

General GIS links:

GIS/spatial-base research:

  • Center for Spatial Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara -- The Center's mission is to engage in interdisciplinary research and education in how people and technology solve spatial problems in the natural and social sciences, as well as in engineering, the humanities, and the arts.
  • Center for Spatial Data Science at the University of Chicago -- The Center for Spatial Data Science (CSDS) addresses research questions where location represents an important dimension of the research problem. Application areas include a range of substantive fields where space matters, such as economic geography, environmental economics, sociology, criminology, public health, and other social sciences. The site includes data regarding public health.

GIS education and lessons:

  • QGIS training FREE.  Basic training and in-depth modules.  Open sourced materials.
  • Esri training for ARC products.  Some of these modules are free.
  • FREE  "A complete first course in Modern Web-based GIS" by Joseph Kerski, PhD, GISP, Geographer – Education Manager at Esri.  "Modern Web-based GIS embraces the web GIS platform and paradigm, and includes data as services, field apps that can be crowdsourced, communicating with web mapping applications such as story maps, coding and scripting, symbolizing, classifying, performing spatial analysis, and other components of the web infrastructure as manifested in ArcGIS Online."
  • Joseph Kerski -- Esri training and education guru.  He posts numerous texts and videos regarding teaching GIS.