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Maps and Geospatial Information: Scanned maps

This is the guide to the Library's Map Collection, and information regarding Geospatial Information.

Scanned maps

  • Scanned mine maps from the Colorado School of Mines Library collection -- The Library has mounted in its Digital Repository scans to over 400 mine maps from the Map Collection.  Most of the maps cover parts of Colorado.  These scans can also be found using the Library's Catalog.
  • Map Collections at the Library of Congress -- These collections include scans of some of the nation's most important, and historic maps.
  • Sanborn maps at the Library of Congress -- These incredibly detailed maps show the buildings in thousands of cities.  Most maps date from from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.  Use the list of cities & states on the left side of the screen to navigate.  Golden, Colorado has 3 sets -- 1886, 1890, 1895.
  • David Rumsey Collection -- Scans of historic maps from a private map collection--over 71,000 incredible images!
  • University of Texas, Austin, Perry-Castañeda Library, Map Collection -- Huge selection of scanned maps that have been produced various U.S. Federal Government agencies including the USGS, National Park Service, Army Map Service, and CIA.
  • Persuasive Cartography -- The PJ Mode Collection -- "This is a collection of “persuasive” cartography: ​more than 800 ​ maps intended primarily to influence opinions or beliefs - to send a message - rather than to communicate geographic information. The collection reflects a variety of persuasive tools ​, including​ allegorical, satirical and pictorial mapping; selective inclusion; unusual use of projections, color, graphics and text; and intentional deception. Maps in the collection address a wide range of messages: religious, political, military, commercial, moral and social."
  • CartoMundi has scanned more than 6,500 (mostly) topographic maps of world.  The website is in French but has an English button.  Most of the maps are in French.