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Information Center for Ropeway Studies

About the Information Center

wire rope; cross sectionThe Information Center for Ropeway Studies is the largest special collection on the history, theory, design and operation of wire rope systems in the US.

Our focus:

  • Materials transport
  • Ski lifts and conveyances; passenger tramways, lifts, and transportation by ropeways
  • Technologies and materials for ropeways

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Professional Organizations

OITAF (International Organization for Transportation by Rope)

OITAF-NACS (North American Continent Section)

AWRF (Associated Wire Rope Fabricators)

Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board

About the Center

American Tiger Brand Wire Rope advertisementThe Center was established in 1991 to support research on ropeway technology; it is guided by an Advisory Board of industry members. Collections include books, journals, newsletters, manufacturers' catalogs, images and other media. The Advisory Board's emphasis for making ropeway information widely accessible led to the creation of the Center's ROPEWAY database of ropeway publications held at the Center and elsewhere.

For their support, our thanks to:

  • Members of OITAF-NACS (International Organization for Transportation by Rope--North American Continental Section), for gifting funds to endow the Center (2005)
  • OITAF-NACS, for increasing the Center's endowment for a stable future (2006)
  • AWRF (Associated Wire Rope Fabricators), for their gift of a significant collection of manufacturers' catalogs on wire rope fittings (2007)

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