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Information Center for Ropeway Studies

Roosevelt Island Tramway Collection

undefinedThe Roosevelt Island Tramway Collection consists of technical diagrams, manuals and miscellaneous documents on the machinery and operations of the original Tram that operated between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island from 1976 to 2010. In 2010, after two serious breakdowns stranding passengers over the East River for hours, the tram's machinery was upgraded and modernized.




Attribution: wka, Creative Commons license 2.0

Contents, R008

Technical drawings of components of the tramway; and miscellaneous documents. These include drawings of:

  • Sheaves; track rope shoe
  • Catwalks; cabin component diagrams
  • Bull wheel; couplings; brake unit
  • Gear box; anchor bolt and anchor bolt frame
  • Frame to bull wheel; machinery room;  control room
  • Sheaves; auxillary drive
  • T-rope clamp assembly, anchor clamp, reel and retainer
  • Manhattan Terminal
  • Rescue system; cabin guides
  • Come-A-Long; catwalks
  • Sheave Manhattan wheel; roller chain modification
  • Counter ropes; counter weight; Manhattan Terminal shear wall
  • Hanger supporting pinion; rope shoe; haul rope
  • Main break cylinder assembly; rope oscillations damper; break block assembly
  • Carriage wheel; brake trolley sheave; insulating bush
  • Wheel assembly for braking trolley; aerial tramway car "Nueva" Type; structure of body car

Technical drawings of components of the tramway; and miscellaneous documents. These include drawings of:

  • Connection of hanger; suspension head
  • Safety device; door drive
  • Emergency rope; rescue cabin; rescue rope suspension sheaves
  • Rescue system counterweight; bull wheel with shaft rescue rope
  • Sprinkler system
  • Electrical plans
  • HVAC
  • Miscellaneous drawings on equipment, installation, maintenance
  • Cabin heater
  • Power supply to cabin
  • Electrical, miscellaneous


  • Trouble-shooting
  • Track rope shoes; shock absorbers, rope tension
  • Proposed upgrades, documents
  • Public relations, documents -- Newspaper article 2002
  • Aerial Tramway Site Study, 1972
  • Battery charger, manuals

Folders of technical drawings and documents related to components of the tramway. These include:

  • Fans & Blowers -- Operations and maintenance instructions; drawings
  • Electrical Prints -- Drawings; parts list
  • Schema -- Drawings, instruction manual