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Information Center for Ropeway Studies

Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) Collection

undefinedThe AWRF Collection (ranging between 1938-1976) consists of artifacts and memorabilia related to wire rope. These items include promotional giveaways -- rulers, belt buckles, lighters -- and functional technical items useful to clients, for example wire gages. These items represent companies' attempts to reach out to and remind clients of their products and services.


Wickwire Rope logoPromotional items from American Steel & Wire; Colorado Fuel & Iron Corporation; Leschen; MacWhyte Wire Rope Company; Paulsen-Webber Redi Measured Wire Rope; and Union Wire Rope Company. Includes:

  • Playing cards
  • Measurement calculator conversion wheel
  • Metal disks and plates

Roebling logoPromotional items from: Roebling Wire Rope; Edwards Wire Rope: Colorado Fuel & Iron Corp.; Tuffy, Union Wire Rope; Bethlehem Steel; Palm Springs Aerial Ropeway; ARMCO; Tiger Brand, and International Nickel Company. Includes:

  • Calipers
  • Rulers
  • Commemorative medallion
  • Pens and pencils

Paulsen Wire Rope logoPromotional items from: Bethlehem Steel Corporation; Tiger Brand WIre Rope; Roebling; Thyssen; Union Wire Rope ARMCO Inc.; River Rigging & Supply, Inc.; Paulsen Wire Rope. Includes:

  • Metal and plastic leaf gages
  • Tape measures
  • Magnets, decals
  • Match box

Bethlehem Wire Rope logoPromotional items:

  • Bullwheel Productions -- Ice scraper, plastic, for car windshields
  • Bethlehem Wire Rope, Bethlehem Steel Corporation -- Metal sign, 11.5 x 15"

Tuffy rope, Union Wire Rope Company logoPromotional items from: Thyssen Big T WIre Rope; Broderick & Bascom Rope Company; Metro Wire Rope Corp.; Tuffy, Union Wire Rope, ARMCO; Macwhyte; Tiger Brand Wire Rope; Rochester Corporation. Includes:

  • Metal and wooden belt buckles
  • Measuring tape, greens keeper tool
  • Lighters
  • Tie clip

MacWhyte Wire Rope logoArtifacts from the wire rope industry.

Box 6: Contains wire rope samples and promotional items.

  • Plastic and wooden spools of wire rope, Union WIre Rope ARMCO and Bethlehem Wire Rope
  • Metal ash tray, with a piece of wire rope forming a rim
  • Ceramic ash tray commemorating MacWyte Wire Rope's 80th Anniversary
  • Stacked measuring calipers, CF & I Roebling


Box 7: Contains a sample case of wire rope slings and assemblies, American Cable Division, American Chain and Cable Company.

Broderick Bascom logoPromotional tools and wire rope samples from Bethlehem Steel Company; Broderick & Bascom Rope Company; USS TIger Brand Wire Rope; Carpenter Rigging & Supply Company, Inc. Includes:

  • Wire and leaf gages
  • Wire rope sample, mounted, labeled "San Francisco Cable Car, Original Pieces of Gripping Die and Cable"
  • Wire rope sample. Accompanying labels read: “Wilhelm Albert Rope, 4 by 3 Hand-made Shaft Hoist Rope, Harz Mountains Silver Mines, Clausthal, Germany – c.1835”; "Albert Rope (c.1840). This specimen belonged to Charles Haas of Bethlehem Steel who received it at the time of a visit with the German wire rope experts. After his death, his widow gave it to Don Sayenga who was General Mgr. of the Bethlehem Steel Wire Rope Division at the time.” 

American Tiger Brand logoMeasurement cards and miscellaneous items elated to the wire rope industry from: American Chain & Cable Company, Inc.; Atlas Steels; Bethlehem Wire Rope; Crosby Group, Inc.; Falk; Merrill Brothers. Includes:

  • Notebooks
  • Reference cards and selector cards
  • Ruler