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Special Collections & Archives


Special Collections are now accessible by appointment; masks are required. Questions? Contact Ask a Librarian.

Thanks to:

  • Miniature trophy, CSM Junior Prom 1916Clayton Clemens, for memorabilia and dance cards from James (George) Clemens, Class of 1948.
  • Robert and Ann Scott, for underground mine maps, Cripple Creek in memory of Terry Bauer, Class of 1970.
  • Curtis Tindall, miniature trophy cup, CSM Junior Prom 1916 (Beta Theta Pi insignia) owned by Jack Logan Tindall, Petroleum Engineer (P.E.) 1954.


Digital Archives in Mountain Scholar

We tell the story of earth resources technologies and the Colorado School of Mines through original documents, unique reports, rare photos, maps and more--come explore!

Colorado School of Mines History Archive



The CSM History Archive celebrates our university's unique history and its connection with the present and future.


Russell L. & Lyn Wood Mining History Archive

The Russell L. & Lyn Wood Mining History Archive tells the story of mining through technology, resources, and people.

Information Center for Ropeway Studies

The Information Center for Ropeway Studies is the largest special collection on the history, theory, design and operation of rope systems in the US.

Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository


The Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository, established by the Tell Ertl family, supports research and development on oil shale and its impacts on the energy industries.