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Special Collections: ...As a Resource

Supported by Special Collections

Our Special Collections support research, education and inquiry , and our resources and research have contributed to the work of authors, project managers, educators, researchers, genealogists, historians, and those with questions about our shared past.

Publications Supported by Our Special Collections

Resources for the wire rope industry. 2019. Hayes, Jane W. Wire Rope News and Sling Technology Feb 2019 p. 18-20.

Clear Creek County's mining districts: Discovering missing history from primary source materials. 2018. Dunn, Lisa G. In: Proceedings, Gold and Silver Deposits of Colorado Symposium, July 2017. Golden CO: Friends of the CSM Geology Museum, 5 p.

Archival papers of field geologists: Challenges of discovery and access to the breadth and depth of geologic data from unpublished field research. 2017. Lisa G. Dunn. In: GSA Program with Abstracts, Seattle WA, Nov 2017.

A lasting showpiece: Guggenheim Hall's legacy. 2017. Vessa, Christina. Mines Magazine, Fall 2017, 2 p.

Colorado mning districts: A reference. 2015 (rev.). Dunn, Lisa G. Golden CO: Arthur Lakes Library, Colorado School of Mines.

The geoscience thesis and incorporation of the author's prior publications: Impacts on users and challenges for librarians. 2014. Dunn, Lisa G. In: Geoscience Information Society Proceedings, 2017, 11 p. Abstract in: GSA Program with Abstracts 2014, Vancouver BC.

Building history: Campus structures reveal Mines' past. 2014. Mines Magazine Summer 2014.

Advances in the Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository: Highlights of the archive and an interactive review of oil shale retorts. 2013. Carmen, Julie. 33rd Oil Shale Symposium Proceedings 2013, Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO.

Baseball in Colorado Springs. 2013. Hadiz, Roger P. Charleston SC: Arcadia Publishing.

Using the Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository to bring historical focus to today's efforts. 2012. Carmen, Julie. 32nd Oil Shale Symposium Proceedings 2012, Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO.

Undercover items of interest in the Information Center for Ropeway Studies collection. 2009. Roslund, Sid. Proceedings, International Organization for the Study of Transportation by Rope, North American Continental Section (OITAF-NACS) 10th Annual Symposium, Lakewood CO, 17-19 Aug 2008, 8 p.

The Legacy of Arthur Lakes. 2009. Honda, Katherine K.; Simmons, Beth. Morrison CO: Friends of Dinosaur Ridge.

Black smoke and white iron: A history of Colorado's kilns, ovens, furnaces and rails. 2008. Reich, William. Golden CO: Colorado Railroad Museum.

Managing an oil shale legacy collection. 2007. Whitehead, Heather. Geoscience Information Society Proceedings 2007, Denver CO. pg. 13-16.

Creating access to images of the mining industry: Digitization projects at the Arthur Lakes Library, Colorado School of Mines. 2007. Dunn, Lisa G.; Lerud-Heck, Joanne V. In: Cultural Heritage in Geology, Mining and Metallurgy. Libraries-Archives-Museums. 8th International Erbe Symposium, 3-7 Oct 2005, Schwaz, Tyrol, Austria. Geo Alp Sonderband 1 2007, p. 23-31.

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Forging new alliances: Information Center for Ropeway Studies, Colorado School of Mines. 2006. Lerud-Heck, Joanne V.; Guy, Laura A. Bulletin (Organisation internationale pour l'etude de l'endurance des cables) no. 91, June, p. 23-28.

Rocky Mountains to the world: A history of the Colorado School of Mines. 2004. Eckley, Wilton. Virginia Beach VA: Donning Co.

Providing access to the photographic collection of Charles F. Dwyer. 2004. Guy, Laura; Lerud, Joanne; Ward, Jennifer. In: Proceedings, International Organization for the Study of Transportation by Rope, North American Continental Section (OITAF-NACS) 2004, Vail CO, 12 p. 

Ropeway information at your fingertips: The Information Center for Ropeway Studies at the Colorado School of Mines provides useful information about ropeway history, theory and design. 2003. Guy, Laura A. NSAA Journal Feb/Mar, p. 14-15.

Cultural influences of immigrants in the hard rock mining industry, Colorado, USA, 1860-1900. 2002. Dunn, Lisa G. In: Cultural Heritage in Geology, Mining and Metallurgy. Libraries-Archives-Museums. 5th International Symposium, 23-29 July 2001, Golden Colorado, USA. Golden CO: Colorado School of Mines.

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"A fortune awaits enterprise here": The Best Mining Expedition to the Grand Canyon in 1891. 1998. Sorgenfrei, Robert. Journal of the Southwest v. 40 (4) p. 437-462.

Fugitive information on the World Wide Web: A cost-effective method for a diverse clientele. 1997. Dunn, Lisa G.; Lerud, Joanne V.; IATUL Conference Proceedings 1997, Paper 15. 

Inquiry & Projects Include:

Archeology of historic mine sites in Colorado

Environmental remediation at mine and mill sites in the US

Engineering and operations of ski lifts

Student assignments on the history of technology

Family genealogies

Architecture, Colorado School of Mines

Historic gold production figures

Colorado School of Mines' 1964 time capsule

Accidents, ski lift and gondola

Oil shale operations in the US West

Edgar Mine (CSM's Experimental Mine)

Underground mine maps

Life at Wild Horse Park field camp

CSM football games and mascots in the 1900s