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Russell L. & Lyn Wood Mining History Archive

Gilman (New Jersey Zinc Company) Photographs

Black Iron Mine, Gilman ColoradoCollection focus: Photographs of mining and related activities in the Gilman district, Colorado (1890-1946). These photos reflect the history of Gilman's mines and the people who work them, providing a glimpse of both the mining industry and the community of Gilman.

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Black Iron Mine Eagle No. 2, Gilman, A0155-043

Photos from the Collection

Mines, Gilman district, Colorado

Eagle Mining & Milling Company mill, Gilman, A0155-015

Man on mine aerial platform, A0155-025

Miners with overturned cart, A0155-035

Gilman plant at base of cliff, A0155-019

Company homes, Gilman, A0155-077

Miner and dog underground, A0155-026

Cribbing below mine, A0155-041

Miner with drill mounted on car, A0155-085

Plant interior, A0155-088

Eagle No. 2 Mine, Gilman, A0155-043

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