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Russell L. & Lyn Wood Mining History Archive

Colorado Mining Association Photographs

Jack O'Fay and Brothers, placer mining in California Gulch, Leadville, ColoradoCollection focus: Photographs of mining activities in Colorado (1920?-1980?). The Colorado Mining Association, established in 1876, is the oldest professional mining industry trade association in the U.S. These photos reflect decades of mining and mineral processing throughout the state, making it a unique record of the history of mining in Colorado.

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Placer mining operations, California Gulch, Leadville, 1931. Modified from A0160-032.

Samples from the Collection

Crushing plant and mill, Climax Molybdenum Company

Panoramic view crushing plant & mill, Climax Molybdenum Co., Climax, August 1931. Modified from A0160-066.

Dumping cars on sub-level underground, Shenandoah-Dives Mine

Method of dumping cars on sub-level, Shenandoah-Dives Mine, Silverton. Aug. 1931. A0160-050.

Mine buildings on hillside, West Gold property, Chicago Creek, 1931

West Gold property on Chicago Creek above Idaho Springs, 1931. Modified from A0160-030.

Men and a mine car, outside the Senorita Mine portal.

Men and mine car, Senorita Portal. A160-299.

Buildings, Leadville flotation Mill, June 1930

Leadville Flotation Mill, June 1930. Modified from A0160-012.

Men riding a skip downhill, London Mining and Milling Company

Men on a surface skip, London Mining & Milling Co., 1940? A160-355.

Men, a bulldoze, and a haulage vehicle, underground at the Los Ochos Mine, 1959

Men at the Los Ochos Mine, 1959. A160-077.

Main building, Climax Uranium Company. A160-241.

Gold dredge in the water, Park County.

Dredge, Park County, 1938. A160-357.

Hoist operators and drums with cables, inside the hoist house.

Hoist operators, Resurrection Mine, 1947? A160-195.

Geographic Areas

Boulder County; Clear Creek County; Gilpin County; Hinsdale County

La Plata County; Lake County; Larimer County

Mesa County; Mineral County; Ouray County; Park County

San Juan County; San Miguel County; Summit County; Teller County

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