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Library Collection Budget

Details on Arthur Lakes Library collection budget.

The Rising Cost of Subscription Resources

Each year, Arthur Lakes Library negotiates with publishers and vendors to provide access to the databases and journals that advance Colorado School of Mines world-changing research and transformative instruction. Unfortunately, the cost of these resources rises by 4-8% annually, far outpacing the rate of inflation and the realistic constraints of university budgets. When we negotiate with publishers, we seek contracts that are affordable, sustainable, and transparent, but sometimes publishers insist on significant increases that far exceed available funding. Mines is not alone in challenging these unsustainable increases- academic libraries of all sizes across the nation face the same reality.

Supporting Programs & Resources @ Mines

It is a goal of the Arthur Lakes Library to provide the necessary resources to students, faculty, and staff to support education and research. While not all resources may be available due to cost and/or licensing we'll try to get the resources our community needs. 

How does the library’s materials budget compare to that of other institutions?

Answer: Below is a comparison of peer institutions for 2022 enrollment and library materials budget. Data from IPEDS.

Institution Name Fall 2022
Total Enrollment
Total Materials
Budget for FY22
Per Student Carnegie
as of 2024
California Institute of Technology 2,403 $3,395,880 $1,413 R1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 11,836 $11,096,909 $938 R1
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 1,505 $1,398,000 $929 M3
Michigan Technological University 6,619 $3,257,474 $492 R2
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus 35,758 $14,440,150 $404 R1
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 6,730 $2,694,745 $400 R2
Colorado School of Mines 6,868


$352 R1
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 7,753 $2,387,015 $308 R1
Missouri University of Science and Technology 5,979 $1,249,471 $209 R2
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 2,034 $414,580 $204 M2
New Jersey Institute of Technology 9,673 $1,762,720 $182 R1

Do you have any other general data on historical materials infaltion?

Answer: Yes. Library materials inflation is a broadly recognized challenge in academia. See full chart

Five Year Journal Price Increase History (2017-2021) Chart