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Library Collection Budget

Details on Arthur Lakes Library collection budget.

FY23 Collection Updates

Fiscal Year July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023 (FY23) has ended. 

The Arthur Lakes Library's Collection Budget for FY23 was $2,000,000. These funds are used to purchase print materials (books, maps, journals, etc.), electronic purchases (ejournals, ebooks, etc.), as well as pay for subscriptions (databases, standards, etc.). 

Check out the changes from FY22 that you may have missed. 

New & Updated Resources for FY23

Journals being added to our collection during FY23 (most will be made available after January 1, 2023):

  1. American Mathematical Monthly (eISSN: 1930-0972); previously received as a gift
  2. Canadian Journal of Chemistry = Revue candienne de chimie (eISSN: 1480-3291); high demand (turnaway rate)
  3. Canadian Journal of Physics = Journal Canadien de Physique (eISSN: 1208-6045); high demand (turnaway rate)
  4. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly (eISSN: 1544-4554); wishlist
  5. Comparative Literature (eISSN: 1945-8517); high number of requests via ILL
  6. Comparative Literature Studies (eISSN: 1528-4212); high number of requests via ILL
  7. Disaster Prevention and Management (eISSN: 1758-6100); high number of requests via ILL
  8. Environmental Reviews = Dossiers Environnement (eISSN: 1208-6053); high demand (turnaway rate)
  9. Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology (eISSN: 2053-1419); high demand (turnaway rate)
  10. Ethnos (eISSN: 1469-588X); high number of requests via ILL
  11. International Journal of Robotics Research (eISSN: 1741-3176); wishlist
  12. International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification (eISSN: 2152-5099); wishlist
  13. International Map Collectors Society Membership/IMCoS Map Journal; wishlist
  14. Journal of Materials Chemistry - B, Materials for biology and medicine (eISSN: 2050-7518); wishlist and high demand (turnaway rate)
  15. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (eISSN: 2333-5963); high demand (turnaway rate)
  16. Meditari Accountancy Research (eISSN: 2049-3738); wishlist
  17. Nature Reviews Materials (eISSN: 2058-8437)
  18. Nature climate change (eISSN: 1758-678X)
  19. Nature Physics (eISSN: 1745-2473)
  20. NSS News (ISSN: 0027-7010) c-w Journal of Caves & Karst Studies (ISSN: 2331-3714); previously received as a gift
  21. Science and Technology of Welding and Joining (eISSN: 1743-2936); wishlist
  22. Science Translational Medicine (eISSN: 1946-6242); wishlist and high demand (turnaway rate)
  23. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange (eISSN: 1532-2262); high number of requests via ILL
  24. Sustainability and Climate Change (eISSN: 2692-2932); wishlist
  25. Welding in the World (eISSN: 1878-6669); wishlist

The following database have been added during FY23:

Cancellations for FY23

The following journals will be cancelled as of December 31, 2022:

  1. Bulletin of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISSN: 1341-688X); fully in Japanese
  2. Current Optics and Photonics (eISSN: 2508-7274); available OA, cancelling paid subscription
  3. Earthworks & Earthworks Membership
    • This is a membership that included the Earthworks Journal in print. We haven't been receiving it and it is freely available online
  4. Geoarabia (ISSN: 1025-6059); Title ceased
  5. Journal of Explosives Engineering (ISSN: 0889-0668); We have had significant issues with receiving this title for years. 
  6. Journal of Southern African Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (eISSN: 2225-6253); available OA, cancelling paid subscription
  7. Middle East Geoscience Network Membership : MEGNET; Title ceased
  8. World Oil (ISSN : 0043-8790); publisher ceases print, online access available through a few databases