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Library Collection Budget Assessment

Details on Arthur Lakes Library collection budget.

FY 20 Cancellation Project

  • FY 2018-19 current Library materials budget is $1,933,399
  • Projections for FY 2019-20 inflation of serials (which accounts for 92.16% of overall materials budget) are 7.64%
    • Calculated based on actual renewal costs
    • Whenever possible we participate in consortia deals as well as multi-year contracts to limit costs & inflation
  • The Library requested a 7.64% inflation factor for serials FY 2019-20 of $136,131
    • Also requested $12,970 in new funds to support two new subscriptions:
      • Mintel Academic Database = to support Economics and Business as well as Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
      • Nature Physics Journal = to address consistent faculty and student requests for this title, high turnaways, and ILL requests exceed copyright limits.
  • The budget approved for FY 20 only increases the library material's serials budget by 3.82% with no increase for one-time purchases (books, backfiles, etc.) and no funds for new subscriptions for FY 2019-20
  • Resulting in a $2,001,464 total for FY20


The Library will need to cancel at least $68,065 in existing subscriptions to cover its loss of buying power.

Below is a downloadable spreadsheet listing possible serials titles to cancel.