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Timeline, Colorado School of Mines History


1910 -- The Great War shapes this decade as the School of Mines develops its reputation.

  • National Guard Engineer Company A in Golden is designated as a Corps of Engineers unit due to its large number of School of Mines students and faculty.
  • Colorado School of Mines Magazine begins publication in 1910.
  • Ten Chinese students funded by indemnity money from the Boxer Rebellion are selected to attend the School of Mines. This is the first of a wave of Chinese students enrolling at the School.

1911 -- 

  • Victor Alderson is re-appointed as President after much opposition; this appointment would end up drawing alumni, professors, Golden citizens, and State officials into the controversy.
  • Seniors stage a strike, demanding a holiday break. President Alderson becomes aware of the issue when he is serenaded by a group of students in costume with a list of demands and accompanied by a mule wearing plaid pants.

1912 -- 

  • The Experimental Ore Dressing and Metallurgical Plant is constructed near the south bank of Clear Creek.
  • By 1912 informal geology field camps are being held. Students slept in tents and supplemented camp cooking with game shot during their field work.
  • The first formal Senior Day is held. It starts with dynamite blasts from the clay pits; classes were disrupted and the seniors generally took the day off.