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Library and Museum DI&A

2020: Jefferson County Historical Mapping Project

2020: The library's Map & GIS Librarian created a major new resource for exploring how racism has historically impacted the greater Denver region. He developed a Race-based Historical Covenants mapping project that surveys historical race-based real estate covenants in Jefferson County. The library led a community event on 11/18/20 about the project that attracted 89 attendees and generated considerable public interest. In Spring 2021, to further engage the community, we installed an interactive exhibit on the project at the library entrance.

Learn more about the project:

                                      Learn more about the project:


Little Free Libraries

Arabic Free Library photo              Chinese Free Library photo

What do you do when a student asks if the library has shelf space to house some Arabic reading material? Create free Arabic library with the support of the Saudi Students Club. The library was excited to support such a great idea and has expanded that original initiative to include reading material from other cultures.

Capsule Collection

book cover   book cover  book cover   book cover

Arthur Lakes Library conducted a diversity, equity, and social justice assessment to identify the need for collection materials that aren't normally included in the University curriculum.  Resulting purchases focus on current events and global initiatives including movements involving women, the LGBTQ+ community, persons of color and the intersection between them.  The full collection is located in the Browsing Room on the 2nd floor.