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2020-2021 Community Conversations Series

In Fall 2021, the library collaborated with the Golden Anti-Racism
Collective Community Conversations - Fall 2020to host a kickoff conversation centered on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. The book details the story of Lack’s cell line (HeLa) which have been used in over 70,000 publications without her permission underscoring the controversial ethical past of science and racial injustices that were consequences of mass discovery.

In Spring 2021, the library collaborated again with the Golden Anti-Racism Collective to lead a series of facilitated discussions on privilege.



               Community Conversations - Spring Event 1         Community Conversations - Spring Event 2 


Community Partnership


The library is working diligently with the newly formed community group, “The Golden Anti-Racism Collective:, a group committed to creating change in the Golden community that directly deals with racism, profiling, harassment in the Golden community. Gyasi Evens will serve as laision to both the campus and the Mines library creating programming, lecture series, book discussions and workshops relating to racism, systemic racism, profiling, allyship, and other topics.

2021: Black Lives Matter Lobby Display & Exhibit

In Spring 2021, the library installed a prominent display and exhibit space dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement. The display includes an art installation on loan from Juniper Books, an exhibit of the library’s JeffCO historical race-based covenants mapping project, a curated book selection, a large banner, information handouts, and book giveaways.

From display owner Juniper Books: "We created this installation to remember the Black Lives cut short by police violence. Each of these individuals lived a life that could fill the pages of a book. Tragically, what is shown is only a small fraction of the books that would exist in a library filled with the stories of each Black Life lost. Social justice and change are necessary. Listen, make space, and be open to learning. Actively seek out Black voices and stories different than your own, through books and human connections." 


Campus Services & Library Resources LibGuide

The Library supports the campus initiatives towards the development of an inclusive culture that proactively welcomes, respects, and supports all community members, provides equitable access, and promotes an open exchange of diverse ideas.

Our DI&A guide can provide you with information about library and campus resources related to the topics of diversity, inclusion, and access. 


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