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Blaster's Baskets

Access to food for an active, healthy life is essential for the collective success of our community. Through the Mines Blaster's Basket program we hope to help eliminate food insecurity on our campus and in the Golden area



2020-2021 Community Conversations Series


Women—Mines Community Alliance (W-MCA) and the Arthur Lakes Library combined to host  a Community Conversation led by Dr. Paula Farca, exploring dystopian societies and gender-related themes  from the "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood.




The Community Conversation series was created to foster conversations about race, ethics, intersectionality, and equity with the entirety of the Mines community as well as the Golden community. We encourage you to join the conversation.


Community Partnership

The library is working diligently with the newly formed community group, “The Golden Anti-Racism Collective:, a group committed to creating change in the Golden community that directly deals with racism, profiling, harassment in the Golden community. Gyasi Evens will serve as liaison to both the campus and the Mines library creating programming, lecture series, book discussions and workshops relating to racism, systemic racism, profiling, allyship, and other topics.



Campus Services & Library Resources LibGuide

The Library supports the campus initiatives towards the development of an inclusive culture that proactively welcomes, respects, and supports all community members, provides equitable access, and promotes an open exchange of diverse ideas.

Our DI&A guide can provide you with information about library and campus resources related to the topics of diversity, inclusion, and access. 


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