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Library and Museum DI&A

2021: OER Program Now Saving Students Significant Learning Material Expenses

The Library leads Open Education Resource (OER) initiatives at Mines to promote affordable and open learning resources and reduce financial barriers to higher education. Initiatives are led by Scholarly Communications Librarian Emily Bongiovanni  and collaboratively managed via a Mines OER Steering Committee that includes faculty, instructional designers, and students. 

One initiative that is yielding substantial rewards is the OER faculty grant program, now entering its third year of CDHE funding. This program has been funded $83,000 over two years to support 23 faculty incentive awards to adopt, adapt, or create OERs for the Mines curriculum. The program is already saving Mines students approximately $476,000 annually in required and supplemental course material costs. This represents a nearly 6x return on investment at the time of implementation, and cumulative savings in coming years will be much higher.

Learn more about this and many other ongoing OER initiatives.

                  Scholarly Communications Librarian leading Mines OER Summit.

Colorado Open Educational Resources Grant

The Library is making strides in promoting the expansion and adoption of open educational resources (OER) at Mines. OERs are freely-accessible or low-cost learning and teaching materials, such as open textbooks, modules or homework materials. Librarians Emily Bongiovanni and Ye Li submitted a proposal for an institutional level Colorado Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant to start an OER incentive program at Mines. The $30,000 grant was awarded to incentivize faculty to adopt, adapt or create an OER for a course. The goal is to support 8 individual projects in providing OER substitutes for 640 students, saving enrolled students at least $100 per semester.

OER @ Mines Champion.

Arthur Lakes Library offered a short course for faculty and faculty-track graduate students interested in learning about OER and becoming an OER@ Mines Champion.The purpose of the course was to introduce the faculty and faculty-track graduate students to the OER conversation and spark interest in Open Education initiatives on campus and within their discipline.

Open Educational Resources graphic

Open Access Government Publications

Open Access icon

Government records are public records, the people's records, and are freely accessible at the library in both paper and electronic format. The Library's Government Publications section is in the process of tagging all it's records with an open access icon.  Look for it in our library browser (Primo).