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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering: Find Articles

Introduce data and information resources in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and related fields for Mines community.

Mines Library Catalog Search

To start, you may use the Mines Library Catalog to search for research articles for a broad understanding of your research topic. Use the faceted filters on the right side of the search result to narrow it down to Resource Types / Articles.

Please note: not all research articles which the library subscribes to are searchable through the catalog, which is particularly true for Chemistry related articles. Only use the catalog for a broad search to get started and use specialized databases such as SciFinder and Web of Science to run more specific and comprehensive searches on your topic.

Core Electronic Databases in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

The databases listed below are your essential tools to run specific and/or comprehensive search on a Chemistry or Chemical Engineering topic. 

Related & Multidisciplinary Databases

Selected Classic Papers in Chemistry

Core Electronic Journal Packages

Browse the major publishers' sites below for articles on a sub-discipline in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.  

Fulltext Finder

If you already have the citation of an article, you may use the FullText Finder tool to access the article through our catalog. If you have the Digital Object Identifier of the article, the easiest approaches is to:

  • Go to the Article tab
  • Copy/paste the DOI (or other citation info) of the article 
  • Click on Go

If we do not have online access to the article, you may Log In with your Mines credential to see more options to request a purchase or an Interlibrary Loan of the article from the Library. 

Find an Open Access Version of an Article

When you cannot get to the fulltext of an article behind a pay wall, there is a chance that an Open Access version of the article, either the publisher's PDF version, preprint, or the peer-reviewed manuscript etc., would be available. Try or use the widget below to find it if you have the DOI (digital object identifier) of the article.

( Try copy/paste 10.1021/cg500122b into the box below.


Learn more about oaDOI

Journal Title Abbreviations

Journal title abbreviations are often used in reference sections of an article and some of them can be difficult to decipher. For Chemistry journal titles, the following two tools can help. 


Journal Title Search

If you know the title of the journal you need to browse, you may use the Find e-Journal tool to search for it in our Catalog and use the Link to Fulltext online to access the journals we subscribe to. We may have access to some journals on multiple platforms, which may or may not be the original publisher's site. Browsing journals here will ensure you see all the access points we have for a journal.