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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Introduce data and information resources in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and related fields for Mines community.

General References

Use the Handbooks below to find chemical/physical data of common substances, as well as descriptions of general concepts in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering fields. 

Learn moreFinding Physical Properties of Chemicals: A Practical Guide for Scientists, Engineers, and Librarians Published in Science and Technology Libraries, V. 21, Numbers 3/4 2001 (published fall 2003), p. 27-45 

Databases Indexing Properties and Spectra

Materials Safety Data Sheets (M)SDS

A Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS), is documentation that accompanies chemicals. It provides both chemists and emergency personnel with the procedures for handling or working with a particular substance. Check the sources listed below. SDS can also be available from the vendor from which you purchased the chemical. Please CRITICALLY EVALUATE the source of the SDS before you use it in your lab. 

Critical Tables and Thermodynamic Data

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