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Library and Museum DI&A

Our Commitment to Diversity

The Library & Museum faculty and staff came together to develop a department commitment statement:

"We are committed to cultivating an inclusive culture that proactively welcomes, respects, and supports all community members, provides equitable access and promotes an open exchange of diverse ideas."

See also the University Librarian's statement on DI&A.



Our Purpose

As vibrant elements of Mine's diverse, inclusive community the Arthur Lakes Library and Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum offer a wealth of programs and services to the entire campus community.  In line with Colorado School of Mines' mission as a public, state-supported institution with global impact we seek at all times to create and sustain a welcoming location where all students can excel as we help them to thrive in our diverse, global environment.

This guide is designed to share with our community the many DI&A resources, programs, and initiatives currently underway in the library.

The library's values are:

Library values graphic

Top Ten DI&A Accomplishments 2021-2022


Course Readings initiative facilitates the integration of library materials within the curriculum, further contributing significantly to financial accessibility.

Library-developed and led Accessibility Course for Educators (ACE) contributing to classroom
accessibility and inclusivity.


Library’s new Busy Bags initiative contributes to a family-friendly, inclusive, and welcoming environment.

Library space improvement projects (under way) will improve physical accessibility.


Newly added library databases support primary source DI&A research and meet the language needs of international students.


Faculty and staff professional development expanded beyond individual efforts to department-wide workshops and activities.


Open Educational Resources (OER) initiatives now saving students $621K annually in curricular material costs. Significant contribution to the affordability of a Mines education.

New Open Access (OA) initiatives contributing to global efforts to reduce academic publishing expenses, thereby contributing to financial affordability.

CELEBRATING DI&A – Resources, Programs, Exhibits

Ongoing Library DI&A-centered engagement events and exhibits contributing to active campus discussions.

Library’s DI&A initiatives received significant formal recognition in the form of awards in 2021.

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