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Colorado School of Mines History Archive

What's an Oral History?

Oral histories are recordings (audio, video, written transcript) of personal experiences. They are a unique way toE-Days, Colorado School of Mines understand others--individuals, communities, and cultures at Mines.

  • Told in the Narrator's own voice from their viewpointStudent, Edgar Mine, Colorado School of Mines
  • A primary source of information about the past
  • Discoverable and able to be shared with others
  • Preserved for the future


Women of Mines (Pilot Project)

Frances McDermutt, early graduate of the Colorado School of MinesFreshman student at registration, Colorado School of MinesThe Women of Mines Oral History Project will gather the voices of women students, alumnae, faculty and staff. These recorded voices will be available to the public and preserved for future audiences to bring context to the experiences of women of Mines and support inquiry and education on STEM education, careers and gender.

This pilot project is in the early planning stages. Please check here for updates.