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Open Educational Resources

An introduction to open educational resources (OER).

Simulations and Virtual Labs

Our teaching and learning environments have changed quite rapidly this year! This page provides a (growing) list of free virtual labs and simulations. See the "Finding OER" tab for freely available textbooks and other course materials. If you find or create a resource to share, please email Emily Bongiovanni ( to have it added to the page.

Software repositories that include thousands of open source programs that do not cleanly fit into the categories bellow include theCommunity Software Internet Archive and Software Library.

Please see our vast list of research guides for lists of resources (both OER and non-OER) curated for specific subjects or course.

This page is the product of the Open Education community, who quickly came together to share resources and help each other's campuses.

For disciplinary organization, see: Digital Commons Three-Tiered List of Academic Disciplines


Life Sciences

Medicine and Health Sciences

Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Social and Behavioral Sciences