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Open Educational Resources

An introduction to open educational resources (OER).

Accessibility Certificate Program


The ACE course is designed to give educational content developers a targeted introduction to accessibility. Participants will be guided through accessibility topics that relate directly to the type of educational material they create. Participants should expect to spend a total of about 7 hours on the course across 2 weeks.

The course has three sections:

Section 1 - Foundation Knowledge (approx. 2 hours): This section provides general context for accessibility.

Section 2 - Implementation Strategies (approx. 3 hours):  This section teaches general strategies for implementing accessibility and provides a variety of specific strategies based on the content types that instructors use in their courses.

Section 3 - Practice (approx. 2 hours): This section offers participants practice evaluating content based on the information supplied through the course.


We have recently wrapped facilitating ACE for our second cohort. Based on feedback from the first 2 cohorts, though we are still improving the course, it is available for adaption and adoption on Canvas Commons. We may also facilitate more sessions of this course in the future. To receive future updates on this course please fill out the ACE Updates and Developments Sign-up Form.

Course Background


This course was developed under the Library’s Open Educational Resource grant from the Colorado Department of Higher Education. While the initial intention was to provide training to faculty participating in the Library’s OER program, the course was opened all Mines instructors and, later to interested higher education faculty across Colorado to help foster inclusive and accessible resources. While course content is geared to instructors, other faculty and staff at institutions of higher education will also benefit from the course.

Many thanks to Alex Odicino (CDHE Fellow), Marla Draper (DSS), Jennifer Veloff (Mines Online), and Loyal Truong (ITS) for their work in developing the course!