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A quick guide to finding images.

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M and the Moon

Get tips for finding and using images for research and scholarship. Image sources on this site are grouped by source: Colorado School of Mines, beyond CSM; and then by subject and type.

When you use an image you are responsible for learning the exact restrictions and permissions of that specific image.

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Image Credit: M and moon By Colorado School of Mines

Our Images

Groups of Photographs Within the Image Database

Search Tips: Image Database

Find groups of images? Use "Search by Subject" in the Advanced Search tab to find images on the same subject. For example:

Too many results?   Some keywords (colorado, mining, etc.) are very common. Try to use unique keywords, or use "Search by Subject" or other Advanced Search features to narrow your results.

Can't find images by date?  The dates of many images are uncertain. We've assigned an approximate date where possible. If you are searching or sorting images by date, you may find images listed by decade, for example "195u" for the 1950s.

Looking for Illustrated Books?

Search the Library Catalog before you browse the book stacks.  An illustrated book will have at least one of the following terms in the Details field: ill. (for "illustrated"), maps, pl. (plates), col. (color), plans

Example of Details showing illustrations in book
Note: Scanners are available in the computer lab (2nd floor) and the photocopiers can provide digital copies as well.

Example Image Citation

New York World Telegram. 1943. Work progresses on Boulder Dam. Photograph. Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Online Catalog, Accessed May 2014.

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