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Research Data Management

Support for storing, sharing, and preserving research data.


Many funding agencies and sponsors, public and private, now require a Data Management Plan (DMP) covering the entire research data lifecycle as part of grant proposals. These plans typically state what data will be created and how, specify who is responsible for those data, and outline the plans for preservation and sharing, noting what is appropriate to share given the nature of the data and any restrictions that may need to be applied.


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Checklists and tools

Managing data before research begins and throughout its lifecycle is helpful in ensuring its usability and long-term preservation and access. There are different checklists available to help you plan, evaluate data needs and develop a strong Data Management Plan. Not all questions will apply to every project.

Project Development Flow Chart

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Resources from funding agencies


National Science Foundation

  • Template – NSF Engineering Directorate

Department of Energy


  • *DMP requirements vary depending on solicitation.  In most cases, follow the NSF guidelines
  • Template – NASA DMP guidance

DMP Tool


With increased emphasis on Data Management Plans (DMP) and the ever-changing requirements, we have partnered with DMPTool.  DMPTool is an online DMP management tool that will allow you to create, store, reuse, and share your DMPs.  Additionally, up-to-date templates and other resources are availible for many sponsors.  

DMPTool is customized by Mines and access is granted using single-signon.Use the "institution sign on" option:

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