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Research Data Management

Support for storing, sharing, and preserving research data.


Data often have a longer lifespan than the research project that creates them. Researchers may continue to work on data after funding has ceased, follow-up projects may analyze or add to the data, and data may be re-used by other researchers. Good data management considers all parts of the research data lifecycle and all aspects of handling, organizing, documenting and enhancing research data, and enabling their sustainability and sharing.

Research data services and support


research lifecycleCreate a Data Management Plan

  • Easily create a data management plan for your next grant proposal using the DMPTool

Preserve & Publish Your Data

  • Publish your data in the Mines Institutional Repository, Mountain Scholar, for preservation and discovery
  • Get your data DOI (Digital Object Identifier), a unique persistent identifier to help others find your data

Manage Your Data

  • Learn about best practices for file naming, file organization, file formats, archival data storage, metadata creation and sharing your data

Find Data for Reuse

  • Fine data in a data repository using Re3Data


Image from US Santa Cruz University Library