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Find Dissertations & Theses: CSM

A quick guide to finding a thesis or dissertation.

Why Theses or Dissertations?

PhD and Masters theses will give you:

  1. In-depth knowledge about a specific aspect of a subject, which may include original research data.
  2. A review of the subject, with citations to the literature.

On behalf of the Colorado School of Mines and the Graduate School, the Library serves as the repository for Mines theses and dissertations in both print and digital formats.

Note: Some theses and dissertations may be embargoed up to a year after graduation before public release; please see the Graduate School Information.  Copyright of the original thesis is retained by the author.

How Do I Find a CSM Thesis?

Use the Library Catalog

  • Search by author, title, keywords, department or advisor
  • Narrow your search by using the keywords "thesis" and "mines"
  • See the Library Front Desk to check out a print version of a thesis (pre-Fall 2012)

Thesis catalog search example

How Do I Find Digital CSM Theses?

Mines Institutional Repository -- Has CSM digital theses for Fall 2012-present.

Example Citation

Klimowicz, Steven. 2014. Hydrogen mitigation in submerged arc welding. Golden CO: Colorado School of Mines. Thesis (M. Sc.), 82 p.

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