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EBGN 434 -- Property Rights and Natural Resources: Find Articles

This guide is for students in Dr. Smith's Property Rights and Natural Resources course.

Why Articles?

The articles found in many scholarly journals go through a "peer-review" process. In other words, the articles are checked by academics and other experts. The information is therefore reliable.  As well as containing scholarly information, journal articles can include reports and/or reviews of current research and topic-specific information.

Use scholarly journals when you need original research on a topic; articles and essays written by scholars or subject experts; factual documented information to reinforce a position; or references lists that point you to other relevant research. Scholarly journals take less time to publish than books, but the peer-review process can be lengthy. 

Popular articles found in magazines are often written by journalist or professional writers for a general audience.  They tend to be shorter than scholarly journal articles and rarely give full citations for sources.  Popular articles from magazines are helpful if you want background on a topic that is new to you or very current information.

For more detailed information on article types and evaluating sources, see our Evaluating Information guide.

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Google Scholar Search

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