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Open Educational Resources: Adopting / Adapting / Authoring OER

An introduction to open educational resources (OER).

Use and Contribute to OER

Three ways that an instructor can work with OER:

  • Adopt -- e.g. use an Open Textbook as is to replace high cost materials
  • Adapt -- e.g. based on class contexts, combine multiple OER (and add original open content)
  • Author -- e.g. publish and license your own work as OER

This page provide links to some tools and examples for the three options. 

Image Credit: Ben Tesch Used By CC BY 2.0

Adopt and Adapt an OER

To adopt an OER as is, you can simply add the link to the syllabus and emphasize it's FREE or low-cost to buy a print.

Step-by-step guides for selecting and adopting an Open Textbook:

To modify an Open Textbook:


Authoring OER

To publish your creative work as OER or adapt/remix OER into a new work, check if the OER to adapt or remix have any built-in authoring tools available from the repository. For example: