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Library Tutorials

Use these videos and tutorials to learn new tricks about library research

Women in STEM

These tutorials will help you to explore the contributions of female researchers and scholars to STEM disciplines, some of the barriers they face and support organizations at Mines and beyond.

The short video tutorial will describe the role of women in STEM.  The step-by-step tutorial will provide the same information with the opportunity to practice searching along the way.

Interested in learning more? Check out Anna's Diversity, Inclusion and Access guide below. 

Curious about the role of women at Mines? Visit Lisa's CSM History Archive guide or read more in A Century of Women at Mines in the Mines Institutional Repository.


Stay tuned! Video tutorial coming soon!


Source: Women in STEM, LibWizard tutorial, by Julia Devine

How to Reuse these Tutorials

We highly encourage reuse and adaptation of our tutorials. Unless otherwise noted, all tutorials on this guide are licensed CC-BY-NC. Please use the following attribution format when reusing this content. Contact the librarians on this guide with any questions or feedback.


TUTORIAL NAME, TYPE, by AUTHOR, Colorado School of Mines Arthur Lakes Library, used under a CC-BY-NC license.


Keyword Search Tips, LibWizard tutorial, by Brianna Buljung, Colorado School of Mines Arthur Lakes Library under a CC-BY-NC license