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Software Engineering

This guide supports students and faculty doing research in software engineering.

Why use Web Resources?

Websites provide up-to-the minute news and information about current events, trends, and controversial topics.  They may also contain government publications such as reports, statistics, legislation and service information; interviews, newspaper articles; research reports; conference/workshop/symposium papers; maps and other types of resources.  

Finding Good Web Resources

Use these good search habits to find high quality, authoritative sources on the internet:

1)  Limit your Google Search by domain -- add site:. before a domain, such as .gov or .edu. 

For example, search Google with the following: artificial intelligence

2) Use Google Scholar, instead of the regular Google search box to find for scholarly articles

3) Let the Google Scholar citation help you find related articles, create a citation or get the full text from the library

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar

Enable the "View it @ Mines" option in Google Scholar

This option will place a link alongside article results that, when clicked, will send you directly to the full-text of a particular article if it is available either through an open-access or subscription resource.

The best way to understand the use of our link resolver and the View It @ Mines option is to enable it. Here are instructions on how to do so:

  1. Navigate to Google Scholar, and click on the link to Settings in the upper-right of the browser window.
  2. Find the Library Links subsection of the Scholar Preferences, enter Colorado School of Mines into the text box, and click the Find Library button. Google Scholar should retrieve a list of options
  1. Select the option that contains View It @ Mines. Selecting the Open WorldCat option will allow you to link to UNR Libraries catalog holdings through WorldCat if books come up in your Google Scholar results.
  2. Click the Save button.