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Modern Researcher 501 Workshop @ Mines: Current Workshops

Modern Researcher 501 is a workshop series that explores tools and best practices in managing research workflow, output, and your scholarship across the research lifecycle.

Modern Researcher 501 Workshop @ Mines

Research - Publish - Share - Impact



Modern Researcher 501 is a workshop series aiming to provide early career researchers with tips, tools, and best practices across the research lifecycle. This workshop series is organized by the Library, the Center for Professional Development Education, and the Graduate Student Government.

We welcome any requests for scheduling new workshops or customized sessions for your research group. Please contact the Scholarly Communications Librarian, Emily Bongiovanni,, for any requests or questions. 

Please visit the Library's event calendar to register for workshops or use the direct links belowThe entire schedule of workshops for Fall 2020 will be held on Zoom. Registered attendees will receive the Zoom information one day in advance. 


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Mentoring: Getting the most out of mentoring

Amy Landis, Professor and Presidential Faculty Fellow for Access, Attainment, and Diversity

September 2, 4-5pm MST

Working With Your Adviser

Roel Snieder, Director of the Center for Professional Development Education

September 9, 4-5pm MST

Intro to High Performance Computing for Research at Mines

Torey Battelle, Assistant Director of Research Computing

September 16, 12-1pm MST

Getting Started with LaTeX

Emily Bongiovanni, Scholarly Communications Librarian

September 23, 4-5pm MST

Auto-magic Citations and Bibliographies

Emily Bongiovanni, Scholarly Communications Librarian

September 24, 12-1pm MST

Communication on a Multi-Cultural Campus

Diane Witters, Writing and Communication Consultant

September 30, 12-1pm MST

Lab Safety

Barb O'Kane, Director for Environmental Health and Safety

October 7, 12-1pm MST

Networking Workshop

Sid Saleh, Professor in Economics and Business

Sebnem Duzgun, Fred Banfield Distinguished Endowed Chair and Mining Engineering Professor

October 14, 4-5pm MST

Collaboration and Team Dynamics: "Everything (almost!) I learned on collaboration and team dynamics, I got from rotting my feet in the jungle of the Philippines"

Vincent Saubestre, CEO and President of Total EP Research and Technology, USA

October 22, 4-5:30pm MST

Leadership Workshop

Roel Snieder, Director of the Center for Professional Development Education

October 26, 2-5pm MST

Navigating Your Job Search

Duygu Yalaz, Associate Director of Career Advising and Professional Development

October 28, 12-1pm MST

Copyright and your Thesis

Emily Bongiovanni, Scholarly Communications Librarian

November 4, 4-5pm MST

More about the Modern Researcher 501 Workshop Series

This workshop series is designed to help you become an efficient researcher in the digital age.



Please send any suggestions or requests on new topics to be covered to Emily Bongiovanni at

Other online workshops and webinars

Exploring Implicit (Unconscious) Bias

Dena Samuels

September 16, 9:15-11:45 AM

September 22, 1:30-4:00 PM

Minimizing Microaggressions

Dena Samuels

September 28, 1:30-4:00 PM

October 5, 9:15-11:45 AM