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Green & Sustainable Engineering

This guide will get you started with links to books, articles, websites and more about green engineering

Web Sources

You've found some promising materials for your paper, now what?  These tutorials will provide you with tips and examples on evaluating web sources.

Source: Evaluating Websites, video tutorial, by Emily Bongiovanni and Brianna Buljung


Source: Evaluating Websites, LibWizard tutorial, by Brianna Buljung

Why use Web Resources?

Websites provide up-to-the minute news and information about current events, trends, and controversial topics.  They may also contain government publications such as reports, statistics, legislation and service information; interviews, newspaper articles; research reports; conference/workshop/symposium papers; maps and other types of resources.  

Finding Good Web Resources

Use these good search habits to find high quality, authoritative sources on the internet:

1)  Limit your Google Search by domain -- add site:. before a domain, such as .gov or .edu. 

2) Use Google Scholar, instead of the regular Google search box to find for scholarly articles

3) Let the Google Scholar citation help you find related articles, create a citation or get the full text from the library

Green Engineering Web Sites

Whether you’re a civil, environmental, manufacturing, mechanical or other type of engineer, these sources can help you learn more about green engineering and sustainable design.

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