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GeoDome Globe

How to get started

Be certain to read over the formatting guidelines on the other page.

You will need 2 main things:

  • Your data properly formatted
  • Text for the display screen on the podium

You will also need to decide which category your data will live.

Your data

Your data must be properly formatted.  See the other page for guidelines.

These are the most important concepts regarding you data:

  • It must be in the proper projection & size
  • It may cover only part of the globe, but the full globe will be displayed.

You may update your data whenever you like.

Text for the podlum

In front of the Globe is a touchscreen on a podium.  The touchscreen allows people to rotate the globe and learn about the data being presented.  You are required to have a text screen describing your data and research.

GeoDome Globe podium

Here is an example of a text screen.  The format will be similar for data.

touchscreen example

You are limited to approximately 500 characters on the screen.  It is important that you include:

  • Title
  • Your contact information
  • A link to a website about your research
  • A note about your sources of data

We will create a screenshot of your data to be used as the icon in the middle of the page, along with the hand icon.

Choose your category

Your data must fit in one of the general categories.  You can also put things into subcategories.  We can ADD new subcategories.

  • Earth
  • Energy
  • Environment
    • Water
    • Climate
    • Human Activity
  • Bio & Health
  • Space
    • Space Resources
    • Aerospace
  • Humans of Mines
    • Students
    • Alumni 
    • Faculty 
    • Virtual Campus Tour 

Get started

Get started by entering your information on this form