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This guide will help you begin your research in Geology through the library's collections and beyond.

Why Books?

Stratigraphy, Wukopi National Monument, Arizona. National Park Service

Books provide overviews, in-depth descriptions, and summaries on their topic.  Scholarly books are peer reviewed and contain authoritative information. They can include original research or scholarship, historical data, and experts' views on themes/topics. Scholarly books should also contain references to existing publications--just like scholarly articles.

Use scholarly books when you require depth and detail, background information and related research on a topic, or to put your topic in context with other important issues. Scholarly books often take longer to publish than journal articles, so the information in books may not be "cutting edge."


(Wukopi National Monument, Arizona. National Park Service.)

Find Books

Popular Book Series

Look up books in these series by their individual titles:

Browsing Geology Books by LC Call Number

QE -- Geology. Includes:

  • QE 1-350 -- General geology and geology by geographic area, including:
    • QE 20's -- Introductions to geology; field geology
    • QE 91 -- Colorado geology
  • QE 351-499 -- Mineralogy, petrology
  • QE 500-639 -- Dynamic geology (earthquakes, volcanoes), structural geology
  • QE 640-699 -- Stratigraphy
  • QE 701-996 -- Paleontology, paleozoology, paleobotany

Related LC call numbers:

GB -- Physical geography. Includes: Geomorphology, hydrology, natural disasters

QC 801-849 -- Geophysics, geomagnetism

Field Trip Guidebooks

Field trip guidebooks introduce you to the geology of an area, highlighting specific geologic features. Most are created by experienced geologists and published by professional/scholarly organizations. You can identify field trip guidebooks by using the keywords "guidebook", "guide" or "field" along with the geographic area.

Examples of field trip guidebooks published by geological societies --

Requesting Books Through ILL

If a book you need for your research is not available in our collection, we can get it for you! 

Just request it though Interlibrary Loan

Please note: it can take up to 12 days to receive a book through interlibrary loan.