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Course Readings

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Course Readings in Canvas

Enable Course Readings in Your Canvas Course - Step 1

1. Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Enable Course Readings in Your Canvas Course - Step 2

2. Open Navigation


Enable Course Readings in Your Canvas Course - Step 3

3. Enable Course Readings

  • Click the vertical ellipsis for Course Readings and click Enable.

Enable Course Readings in Your Canvas Course - Step 4

4. Save Navigation

Save button

  • Click the Save button

After Saving the Navigation, Course Readings will appear under Navigation


Add a New List

When creating a list for the first time for a course, a new reading list box will automatically pop up.  Add a title and description.


To create a Course Readings list from the My Lists screen, click New List and add a Title to your Course Readings list. The title could be the same as your course, but doesn’t have to be, and the Description field is optional. Click Create to move to the next step:

Choose a Template

Next, select a template, or choose Blank to create your own list structure:

Associate Course

Associate your course at this point of the workflow. To do so, choose Associate List and search by Course Title, Instructor Name, or SIS ID. The search will auto-suggest possible matches:

Manage course association

You can change the dates of your course.

Manage course association

If your Course has not been added to the system yet, there is no harm in creating a Course Readings list and associating it with the Course once everything is setup. In this case, choose “Not Now” and you can associate it later via the menu under the ellipsis button in your Course Readings list:

Navigate the Resource List Interface


Lists - Your Course Readings lists

Collection - Listing of all citations used in your Course Readings lists

Find Lists - Search for other Course Readings lists at Mines


Use Create It Button to Create List

In Canvas, on your course page, click on "Course Readings" and click on the "Create it" button in the middle of the page.


Course Readings is an application/plug-in for Canvas that is a reading list management tool.  It enables instructors to easily collect citations, create and manage reading lists, automate workflow with the Library, and create a holistic user experience for students.

  • Allows you to add citations from the web, library search, manually, or import from existing citation tools.
  • Makes it easy for Instructors and/or librarians to collaboratively collect citations. Instructors can send citation requests to the Library, where librarians can reserve, acquire, license, and/or digitize the citations.
  • After a list is published, students can easily view and access the citations related to their courses.

Add Sections

If you selected a template when creating the Course Readings list, your list will already have Sections, which are used to structure the Course Readings list. To add a new Section, just click the “New Section” button:

It is possible to make a list available for specific dates.