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Course Readings

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Course Readings in Canvas

Read and Respond Assignments

Course Readings supports Read and Respond Assignments, creating an integration between a Canvas assignment and a Course Readings list material.


Social Reading - Public and Private Annotations on Course Readings Materials

Students and instructors can share annotations with each other as well as maintaining private annotations with PDF citations uploaded to Course Readings Lists.

Link Resource Tool via Canvas Modules

By default, when creating an LTI link from Canvas, the link points to the Course Readings list associated to the course.

Using Link Resource from External Tool, you will have the option to select which Course Readings item (list, section, or citation) you want the LTI link to point to.

When creating an LTI link, you will be prompted to choose which item to link to, as seen in the screenshots below:




Canvas Text Editor - Importing Citations

Canvas LMS supports the ability to add a new button to the LMS text editor.

This button allows to view the content of a list and select citations to be imported into the LMS editor.

Below an image showing the new button added to the editor:


Below is an example Course Readings List where you would choose which citations to include in your Canvas site (outside of the Course Readings link).



Link label – The text of the link that displays to students. This link will open the full view of the citation in Course Readings, in a new tab.
The default label is “View item”, but this can be changed.

Bibliography style – The style by which the citation will be displayed in the editor


See the example below of how this looks in Canvas