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Find Case Studies

A quick guide to finding case studies and case histories

Case Studies as Educational Tools

Case studies (also called "case histories") are descriptions of real situations that provide a context for engineers and others to explore problems. Case studies typically involve complex issues where there is often no single correct answer--you may be asked to select the "best" answer given the situation.

Case studies allow you to:The Case Study

  • Explore the nature of a problem and circumstances that affect a solution
  • Learn about others' viewpoints and how they may be taken into account
  • Define your priorities and make your own decisions to solve the problem
  • Predict outcomes and consequences

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Image Credit: The Case Study By Binuri Ranasinghe Used Under: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Not Sure Where to Start?

Search the Library Catalog 

  • Consider combining your topic or discipline with "case study" or "case history"

  • Remember, use quotes to keep your phrase together!

  • Then choose Studies or Case Studies under Topic to narrow your results further

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