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Mines For International Students

A guide for prospective and current international students at the Colorado School of Mines on adjusting to life on campus.


Life in Golden, Colorado

Mines Campus Map

The Deans List

50 things that all students should do during their time at Mines

Visit Golden

A local guide to attractions in Golden, Colorado.

Living in Golden 

Colorado School of Mines's comprehensive guide to life in Golden as a Mines student.

Come to Life Colorado

An extensive resource for tourism in Colorado.

Dressing for the weather

Most Coloradans dress casually - jeans, sandals, and shorts are commonly seen on campus by both students and faculty. Since the weather can change rapidly, it's a good idea to bring clothes for all seasons. Secondhand clothing such as coats, snowpants and scarves can be purchased cheaply and locally. It's a good idea to bring multiple layers of clothing for walking between buildings on campus. If going on an extended outdoor activity, always remember:

  • wear comfortable shoes
  • fabrics such as wool and polyester are better than cotton
  • read more trips for dressing like a Coloradan

Travel Tip

The U.S is currently the third largest country in the world, behind Canada and Russia. Be aware that from the Denver-Metro area, it can take several hours to even leave the state of Colorado by driving. Plan ahead and map the distances between your travel destinations while in the U.S.

Driving and Transportation

Transportation Info: Click here to learn about transportation options at Colorado School of Mines. In addition, services such as Uber, Lyft, and Denver Yellow Cab are available in the Denver-Metro area. 


 Driving Info: Click here to learn more about driving information and tips for international students at  Mines.


Here are some tips to be a safe and courteous driver in the U.S:

  • No matter what seat of the car you are in, you should always wear a seat belt.
  • If you are riding a bike or a motorcycle, be sure to wear a helmet. 
  • In order to avoid road rage, do not honk your horn unless absolutely necessary.
  • Don't text and drive - it's illegal!
  • Have your driver's license with you whenever you are driving, and keep a copy of your car insurance in your car. Click here to learn about the required car insurance in Colorado.
  • If you are pulled over in the U.S, pull over to a location that is safe for both you and the police officer. You should stay in your vehicle and wait for the police officer to approach you. Roll down your window and keep both hands in sight, and provide the officer with your driver's license, car registration, and proof of insurance.