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Mines For International Students: Overview

A guide for prospective and current international students at the Colorado School of Mines on adjusting to life on campus.

In This Guide

This guide is a collaboration between the Arthur Lakes Library and the Colorado School of Mines Office of Global Education.

Its purpose is to provide international students at the Colorado School of Mines with resources and practical information about living and studying at Mines.

Use the tabs above to navigate through each page:

American Culture: 

A brief exploration of some key cultural differences between the United States and other parts of the world, as well as a description of some aspects of American culture, such as religion and gender roles.


American Food and Holidays:

Some popular American foods, information about eating/restaurant etiquette in the U.S and other things you need to know about food, as well as a resource to learn more about America's most popular holidays and how they are celebrated.


Living in Colorado:

Local emergency numbers, a description of Colorado's seasons, and information about other things to consider regarding living in Colorado's climate.


Navigating Golden:

Information about transportation at the Colorado School of Mines, around Golden, Colorado, and in the United States in general.


Resources at Arthur Lakes Library:

Links with everything you need to know about Arthur Lakes Library, Colorado School of Mines's campus library.

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