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Career Toolkit for Graduate Students: Workshop Series

Modern Researcher 501 is a workshop series that explores tools and best practices in managing research workflow, output, and your scholarship across the research lifecycle.

Career Toolkit for Graduate Students: Workshop Series

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Career Toolkit for Graduate Students is a workshop series aiming to provide early career researchers with tips, tools, and best practices across the research lifecycle. This workshop series is organized by the Library, the Center for Professional Development Education, and the Graduate Student Government in collaboration with the Career Center and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

We welcome any requests for scheduling new workshops or customized sessions for your research group. Please contact the Scholarly Communications Librarian, Seth Vuletich,, for any requests or questions. 

Please visit the Library's event calendar to register for workshops or use the direct links belowUnless otherwise noted, all workshops are in-person in the Boettcher Room in the Library. Registered attendees for online workshops will receive the Zoom information one day in advance. 

Additionally, Mines is proud to be a contributing member of GradCO, a collaborative effort to share workshops with graduate students at institutions of higher education throughout Colorado. You can view and sign up for these shared workshops using the links below.


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Please Register: Lunch will be provided for registered attendees of in person workshops!!!

Citation Management with Zotero

Presented by Seth Vuletich

January 18, 12-1 PM

Effective and Efficient Writing Habits

Presented by Roel Snieder

January 19, 12-1 PM

Leveraging Linkedin

Presented by Katy Armstrong

January 25, 12-1 PM

Driving Research by Creatively Asking Questions Online *ON ZOOM*

Presented by Roel Snieder

February 1, 12-1 PM

Copyright for Theses and Dissertations

Presented by Seth Vuletich

February 2, 12-1 PM

Communicating Research to Non-Experts

Presented by Seth Vuletich

February 8, 12-1 PM

Inclusive Teaching Practices

Presented by Seth Vuletich

February 15, 11 AM -12 PM

Writing a Literature Review

Presented by Seth Vuletich and Brianna Buljung

February 16, 12-1 PM


Presented by the Career Center

February 22, 12-1 PM

Data Visualization

Presented by Isabella Mendoza (GSG)

March 1, 12-1 PM

Choosing a Career Path

Presented by the Career Center

March 8, 12-1 PM




GradCo is a collaboration of nearly ten universities across Colorado. It is designed  to deliver a variety of high-quality  professional development workshops,  information sessions, and trainings to our  graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  Together, we are better researchers,  academics, and career professionals. 


This cross-Colorado-universities approach  provides early career researchers and  scholars a unique opportunity to learn from  experts at multiple institutions and to  connect with other early career scholars. 

GradCO provides development sessions  that align with multiple career-readiness  competencies:  

- Career- & Self-Development (CSD) - Communication (Comm) 

- Equity & Inclusion (EI) 

- Leadership (Lead) 

- Professionalism (Pro) 

- Teamwork (Team) 

- Technology (Tech) 


It’s easy!! You can sign up for one or all of the offerings through the Registration Link  provided next to each session title. All  offerings are accessible online through the  sponsoring institution. You will receive  registration confirmation or additional  participation information from the host  institution. 

January 25, 12-1:30 pm 

Career Exploration & Planning (CSD, Pro) 

Hosted by CU-Anschutz | Registration Link 

February 1, 12-1pm 

Drive Research by Creatively Asking Questions (CSD) 

Hosted by Mines | Registration Link 

February 8, 12-1:00pm

Communicating Research to Non-Experts (Comm)

Hosted by Mines | Registration Link 

February 23, 12:00-1:30pm 

Mastering Your Habitual Tendencies (CSD) 

Hosted by CU-Boulder| Registration Link 

March 1, 12-1:30pm 

Interviewing Tips:Phone, Video, In-Person (Comm, Pro)

Hosted by CSU-Ft. Collins| Registration Link 

March 7, 12-1pm 

Application Statements: Research Teaching, Diversity (Comm, Pro, EI)

Hosted by CSU-Ft. Collins | Registration Link 

March 15, 1-2pm 

Proposal Writing: Explaining the Project in One Paragraph (Comm)

Hosted by CU-Boulder | Registration Link 

April 5, 12-1:30pm 

Planning for a Bright Financial Future (CSD, Pro) 

Hosted by CSU-Ft. Collins | Registration Link 

April 10, 12-1:30pm 

Becoming Culturally Responsive Researchers (CSD, EI) 

Hosted by UNC | Registration Link 

April 17, 5-7pm 

Culturally Responsive Research Methods (EI, Pro)

Hosted by UNC | Registration Link 

April 25, 12-1:30pm 

CVs & Resumes (Comm, Pro) 

Hosted by CU-Anschutz | Registration Link 

More about the Career Toolkit for Graduate Students Workshop Series

This workshop series is designed to help you become an efficient researcher in the digital age.



Please send any suggestions or requests on new topics to be covered to Seth Vuletich at