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Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository

General Information

Collection Guides are available for selected collections --These provide information about the contents and context of a collection, including descriptions, lists of materials and images, and how to discover specific items. Collection Guides will help you identify items of interest and make it easier for you to request access to materials.

List of Collections, Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository

TE001 John Ward Smith Collection

TE002 Galway Layton Collection

TE003 Tell Ertl Collection

TE004 Laramie Project Office (DOE)

TE005 Harold Thomas Collection

TE006 Andrew Gulliford (Boomtown Blues) Collection

TE007 Theodore Bartke Collection

TE008 Robert B. Crookston Collection

TE009 Cameron Engineers, Inc. Collection

TE010 James H. Gary Collection

TE011 Paul L. Russell Collection

TE012 Gerald J. Daub Collection

TE013 Oil Shale, Miscellaneous Collection

TE014 Henry O. Ash Collection

TE015 CONOCO Collection

TE016 Robert N. Heistand Collection

TE017 John B. Rigg Collection

TE018 Office of Naval Petroleum & Oil Shale Reserves (ONPOSR) Collection

TE019 E. M. Piper Collection

TE020 Thomas A. Sladek Collection

TE021 Larry A. Lukens Collection

TE022 Thomas N. Beard Collection

TE023 Jerry E. Sinor Collection