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Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository

General Information

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List of Collections, Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository

NOTE: Collections in the Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository are in process. Check with the archivist for their current status.

TE001 John Ward Smith -- Includes part of Smith's extensive library of oil shale and related disciplines; technical reports; Smith's own authored works; photographs. Approx 30 boxes.

TE002 Galway Layton -- Consists primarily of old or canceled stock certificates representing shares of oil, gold, and oil shale companies no defunct; correspondence between Layton and others. 1 box.

TE003 Tell Ertl -- Includes materials related to Ertl's interest in oil shale; Ertl's notes and correspondence; publications and personal works; photographs; maps, drawings and reports, many annotated by Ertl. 35 boxes.

TE004 Laramie Project Office (DOE) -- Focus on the operation of the Anvil Points Oil Shale Research Facility and other Laramie Project Office oil shale operations. Includes blueprints, photos and reports. Approx 70 boxes.

TE005 Harold Thomas -- Government publications and reports, including on the Paraho Module and Paraho-Ute Shale Oil Facility. 10 boxes.

TE006 Andrew Gulliford (Boomtown Blues) -- Materials related to Gulliford's study of the Colorado oil shale boom and bust, including his book, "Boomtown Blues: Colorado Oil Shale." Includes oral histories. 11 boxes.

TE007 Theodore Bartke -- Images (35mm transparencies) depicting oil shale projects funded by the DOE and managed by its Laramie Project Office. 1 box.

TE008 Robert B. Crookston -- Materials on international oil shale development in some 18 countries. Crookston's interests included the Colony and Exxon projects at Parachute, Colorado and TOSCO's Sand Wash Project at Vernal, Utah. 49 boxes.

TE009 Cameron Engineers, Inc. -- Consists of materials from several organizations; US Bureau of Mines internal reports on Anvil Points; runs of Synthetic Fuels Quarterly Report and Oil Shale and Related Fuels Quarterly Report. 12 boxes.

TE010 James H. Gary -- Reports and publications related to shale oil refining. 4 boxes.

TE011 Paul L. Russell -- Consists of publications, correspondence and other materials related to Russell's books, History of Western Oil Shale and Oil Shales of the World. 14 boxes.

TE012 Gerald J. Daub -- Technical reports on oil shale; a significant part of the Collection are materials from Multi Mineral Corporation's oil shale activities in the 1970s-1980s. 31 boxes.

TE013 Oil Shale, Miscellaneous -- Deaccessioned.

TE014 Henry O. Ash -- Focus on publications, correspondence and notes on the operation of the US Department of the Interior's Oil Shale Environmental Advisory Committee (OSEAP). 7 boxes.

TE015 CONOCO -- Technical reports and correspondence including materials related to Paraho; TOSCO; and Colorado School of Mines' research operations at Anvil Points. 25 boxes.

TE016 Robert N. Heistand -- Includes materials on Paraho; EPA documents; EIS materials on Uintah Basin Synfuels Development; documents related to U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation. 13 boxes.

TE017 John B. Rigg -- Reports on the development of the Oil Shale Prototype Leasing Program; documents from the Oil Shale Committee, Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Association and others. 9 boxes.

TE018 Office of Naval Petroleum & Oil Shale Reserves (ONPOSR) -- Materials related to water rights and water law. (ONPOSR is responsible for the control and development of the Naval Oil Shale Reserves in the Piceance and Uinta Basins, Colorado and Utah.) 1 box. 

TE019 E. M. Piper -- Consists of documents and drawings related to Anvil Points and the Paraho Demonstration. 14 boxes.

TE020 Thomas A. Sladek -- Oil shale reports from the CSM Research Institute (CSMRI), some back to 1919; photographs and newspaper clippings related to Anvil Points. 6 boxes.

TE021 Larry A. Lukens -- Focus on the development of the Paraho retorting process. NOTE: Most of the original Collection was transferred to the Tell Ertl Foundation offices. 3 boxes.

TE022 Thomas N. Beard -- Reports and publications on oil shale geology in the Piceance, Uinta and Washakie basins; Shell Oil patents; materials related to the Naval Oil Shale Reserves. 8 boxes.

TE023 Jerry E. Sinor -- Consists of serial publications and miscellaneous data on oil shale. 9 boxes.

TE024 Garfield County -- Not inventoried.

TE025 Oil Shale Information Office (OSIO) -- Not inventoried.

TE026 Virgona -- Not inventoried.

TE027 Earnest -- Not inventoried.

TE028 Shell Oil Company -- Not inventoried.

TE029 Blackmer Oil Shale Leases -- Not inventoried.