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Mines Repository Submission Guide

This guide will explain how to submit items to the Mines Repository

Guide to submitting Items to the Mines Repository


Login with your university credentials by going to the Login link on either the left navigation bar or in the upper right corner of the website, and then go to

Before you start the submission process for a journal article, check to see if the journal has a green open access policy for institutional repositories.

Select a Collection

There are two different collections for items submitted to this repository, and they both start with “Submissions From Faculty and Students”. If you are Faculty and submitting a paper that you authored or contributed to, make sure to use Faculty Publications. If you are a faculty member submitting for a student or a student submitting your own work, please use the Student Publications area.

Choose an Import Source

You may ignore this step if your item does not have a DOI. If your item already has a DOI (digital object identifier), listed in either Crossref or PubMed you can import the item from here.

In the menu you can choose the import source and search for the item on the next page.

At the top you can see the steps it will take to finish your submission.

Live Import

If you choose one of the two options from the previous step, you will be taken to the Live Import page. Here you will be able to find your publication if it had been previously published.

Search using publication ID, DOI, Title, or Author name and press search. When you find your publication in the list that pops up, select it, and then press Next.

Describe Item

The first tab labeled Describe is going to hold basic information about the publication you are submitting. Following through to make sure you fill out every necessary field, Author(s), Title, and Type, will allow you to submit. However, if the publication belongs to a series, an identification number, or you want to specify a language, all of that is done on this page.

The red arrows above indicate required items, and the blue arrows indicate optional items. The second Describe Item page is where you can add more information about the publication. They are optional but we recommend adding keywords and an abstract. If you have sponsors for this publication you would enter them here as well.

If you are submitting a dataset, please note that:

  • Datasets should be under 10 GB

  • Datasets should include a readme.txt or readme.doc file as part of the submission in a .zip folder with all of the data. Here are some good examples of readme files from Harvard and UC Irvine

Upload File(s)

If you skipped the first two steps, you will need to upload the file you are working with. Simply press Browse and select your file for upload. If you need the publication to be held out of public view until a specific date you will need to enter that here as well as a reason.


Review Submission

On this page you will check to make sure all information entered about your publication is correct. Simply press “Correct one of these” to make any changes.

License Your Work

Here you can add a Creative Commons license to your work. Simply select one from the dropdown menu, if desired, and press next.

License and Agreement

On this page you will need to read the Repository Deposit Agreement and select the box at the bottom of the page.

Once you hit Complete Submission you will be sent to a page that says it will go through the submission process for the collection. As soon as the item has joined the appropriate collection you will receive an email from one of the administrators.

Thank you for choosing the Mines Repository

Content created by Danielle Hicks and the Mines Repository Working Group.