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Colorado School of Mines History Roadshow

Back Then

Cardboard Canoe race, E-Days, Colorado School of MinesE-Days program, 1969Ore cart pull, E-Days, Colorado School of Mines"Back Then" includes items from the past, connected with others in time.

What's your connection with these things? What do we do today that's different? The same?

E-Days talk, Colorado School of Mines, 1966E-Days, Colorado School of Mines, 1969What do you think we'll do in the future?


Tug-o-war, Frosh Day, 1916


Tug-o-war, Frosh Day 1916


Tug-o-war, Frosh Day 1930







Tug-o-war across Clear Creek, Frosh Day 1930






Tug-o-war, Homecoming 1968



Tug-o-war, Homecoming 1968











Computer lab, Colorado School of Mines, 1960s


Sheepskin diploma, 1908

Sheepskin diploma, 1930s











Printer's plate for diplomas, Colorado School of Mines




Printer's plate for the diplomas








Silver diploma, 1960


Silver diploma, 1942


Football team, 1889, Colorado School of MinesFootball team, 1897, Colorado School of Mines












Football team, Colorado School of Mines, 1899













Football team, Colorado School of Mines, 1931
















Football team, Colorado School of Mines, 1970s