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Colorado School of Mines History Roadshow

2020 Favorites

These are just a few of my favorites from the Mines History Archive. Enjoy, and please add comments.

Edgar Mine

Visitors underground at the Edgar Mine
Student at the Edgar Mine
Student climbing a ladder underground at the Edgar Mine
Student underground, Edgar Mine
Students operating mine locomotive, Edgar Mine
Students in mine rescue gear, Edgar Mine

Field Work


<--Wild Horse Park 











Field Surveying Class -->


Mechanical Drawing portfolio 1904

Student's mechanical drawing portfolio, 1904

Edgar Mine map with decorative compass, 1971

Edgar Mine map with decorative compass

Mines Anniversaries

1964 Time Capsule, 90th Anniversary


Centennial Scrapbook






Officials in Centennial blazers



Senior Day Newspaper

Senior Day Newspaper, Colorado School of Mines

Assay Lab

Student at assay furnace, Colorado School of Mines

Student at an assay furnace, 1948








Assay laboratory interior, Colorado School of MinesAssay Laboratory interior, ~1900