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Robotics Resources

This guide on robotics will help you find information on robotic perception, cognition, action, and interaction.

Why Standards?

"A standard is a document that provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose." - ISO

Standards are created by a wide variety of organizations.  The most common are:

  • Professional societies, such as the IEEE 
  • Industrial or manufacturing associations, such as the American Wire Rope Manufacturers 
  • Governmental agencies or bodies, such as the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Companies, such as General Motors [Company standards are often proprietary and therefore are available only to approved subcontractors].
  • International bodies, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
    • The ISO is a non-governmental organization that both creates and approves international standards.  ISO deals with all subject areas except electrical and electrotechnical matters; these are handled by the International Electrotechnical Association (IEC).

Core Electronic Resources

Websites of Standards Organizations

Print Standards

ASTM Latest print edition--Library Book Stacks TA401 .A653.

  • Locate the index volume 00.01. Find your standard by its number (gray section) or subject (white section).
  • Identify the four digit number (e.g., 04.09) that indicates what volume is needed.
  • Locate your volume.

IBC (International Building Code), Reference Room TH223 .P3.  

Search Tips

  • Do not include dates when searching in Document Number
    • Search ASTM F1511 NOT ASTM F1511-2005
  • Do not search for general terms such as "pump standards"
    • Search by document title or number; if you don't have this information type specific keywords that should appear in the title, for example "titanium welding"

Identifying Standards

Identify standards you need using these free databases:

Examples of Specifications, Codes



Example Citations

Standard/Specification -- Standard Test Method for Determination of Acid-Insoluble Residue in Biomass, ASTM E1721-01, 2009. Available at: My ASTM Accessed: 12/09/2016.

Code -- 40 CFR 53.23. 2013. Available: Accessed: 12/09/2016