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HASS 498 -- Nepal and Himalayan Culture

This guide is for the students learning about Nepal and students participating in the Nepali service learning trips

Article Databases

Finding Good Web Resources

Use these good search habits to find high quality, authoritative sources on the internet:

1)  Limit your Google Search by domain -- add site:. before a domain, such as .gov or .edu. 

2) For websites from within Nepal - limit your search to their domain by adding to the end of your search

Don't forget to use .edu for educational sources, .org for organizations and non-profits, and .gov for government.

Find the domains of other countries in the region to get additional sources such as .cn for China and .in for India.

Google search for development

3) Use Google Scholar, instead of the regular Google search box to find for scholarly articles

4) Let the Google Scholar citation help you find related articles, create a citation or get the full text from the library

Websites about Nepal