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Information Literacy Instruction Toolkit

This guide provides resources, tips and support for Mines instructional librarians

Tips and Tools for Teaching Librarians

The Basics:

Before Class:

  • Work with the faculty member to design the session
  • Formulate learning outcomes
  • Inquire about any registered disabilities that need to be accommodated

In Class: Given the length of the class and your learning outcomes, attempt to include

  • an active learning exercise
  • an assessment

After Class:

Tips for Inclusive Teaching

While most teaching librarians do not work with a single course more than once or twice, there are still several inclusive practices that can be incorporated into our teaching  and work with student researchers.

Strategies and Tips for Librarians
Strategy Tips for Teaching Librarians
Establish an inclusive environment Work with the course instructor before your lesson to identify and provide reasonable accommodations
Model inclusively Avoid using terms and phrases like "hey guys"
Incorporate diverse examples Identify if certain perspectives are missing and include examples from diverse voices and perspectives
Establish norms and expectations for lesson participation

Establish norms for the lesson such as no interrupting, no phones, etc.

Communication expectations for participation early in the lesson

Use varied teaching methods

Incorporate a variety of teaching strategies into the lesson and point students to additional resources in different formats

Provide alternative means for contributing to discussion (clicker polls, note cards, etc)

For additional information and strategies check out the Trefny Center's page on Effective Teaching.