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How to Locate Physical Colorado State Government Publications at Mines

The Government Publications collections are located on the 1st Floor of the Arthur Lakes Library.

Library Floor Map

The Colorado classification system used to order the print collection is similar to the U.S. Superintendent of Documents Classification system for the U.S. print collection. In the Colorado State Publications Classification system, the initial letters of the call number indicate the issuing agency. The numbers following the initial letters indicate the primary division while numbers following a slash designate any further subdivision of the agency.

Colorado Department of Natural Resources and selected sub-agencies within the Department

  • NR = all of the agencies and sub-agencies within the Department of Natural Resources
  • NR 1. = Colorado. Dept. of Natural Resources
  • NR 2. = Colorado. Soil Conservation Board
  • NR 5. = Colorado. Division of Water Resources
  • NR 12. = Colorado. Division of Minerals and Geology
  • NR 12/20. = Colorado Geological Survey
  • NR 12/40. = Colorado. Office of Mined Land Reclamation
  • NR 12/60. = Colorado. Office of Active and Inactive Mines

A period follows these numbers. THIS IS NOT A DECIMAL POINT. The number following the period needs to be read as a WHOLE NUMBER. This whole number designates the type of publication.

Selected types of publications within the Colorado Department of Natural Resources

  • NR 1.1 = Colorado. Dept. of Natural Resources Annual Reports (usually followed by a date)
  • NR 1.2 = Colorado. Dept. of Natural Resources General Publications (usually followed by a cutter number)
  • NR 1.3 = Colorado. Dept. of Natural Resources Bulletins (usually numbered)

Filing of Colorado state publications

The Colorado state publications are filed by agency first, followed by the sub-agencies within the larger agency. Therefore a period, which separates the agency from the type of publication, precedes the slash which designates a sub-agency (i.e. NR 1.3 precedes NR 1/2). Colorado state publications also follow the "nothing before something" and the DATE before LETTER before NUMBER before WORD rules. Below is a list of properly ordered Colorado state publications.

  • NR 1.1/1992
  • NR 1.3/13
  • NR 2.2/L3
  • NR 2.2/L3/1990
  • NR 2/2.1/1989
  • NR 3.1/1985
  • NR 12.2/F34/1985
  • NR 12.2/G87/1983
  • NR 12/20.1/1988
  • NR 12/20.2/P27/1991
  • NR 12/20.13/1979

Help Using Colorado State Collections at Mines

  • The Library Catalog includes the Colorado State publications which are located on within the government publications collection (1st floor) and in the main collection (2nd, 2nd mezzanine, and 3rd floors).
  • The majority of the Colorado State collection is available electronically. 
  • For a broader collection of Colorado State publications, Prospector (regional catalog) and the Colorado State Publications Catalog  should be used.

Colorado Symbols

Colorado State Mineral - Rhodochrosite


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